Advertising, Marketing and Promotions partner and chair Christopher Cole will present "Greenwashing and the FTC Green Guides" at 9:55 a.m. (ET) during the Marketing and Advertising Law program, "Faceoff: Social and Digital Media vs. Regulatory Oversight." The webinar will feature a series of discussion topics addressing the critical issues that arise when offering games and other promotions relevant to today's marketplace, including:

  • The laws and rules governing sweepstakes, skill contests and other promotions on the new platforms
  • New developments on the FTC and NAD fronts
  • Greenwashing, the FTC's green guides
  • Cause marketing, co-venturing and new state regulatory oversight
  • Benefits and landmines in the world of loyalty programs and gift cards
  • NFTs, cryptocurrency, and intellectual property, the continued import of the FTC endorsement guides
  • A wealth of new material on privacy issues including chatbot issues

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