About Michela Daliana

Michela Daliana has over 35 years of experience in public finance. During the course of her career, Michela has effectively counseled large and small state and local governmental issuers, investment bankers, and conduit borrowers in connection with their tax-advantaged borrowings, helping them to achieve their objectives while adhering to the strictures of the Internal Revenue Code.

Experience, dedication and creativity

Tax-exempt bonds are an essential tool for localities to accomplish projects intended to enhance the public good. Ensuring those bonds are properly issued requires knowledge of the law, understanding of the facts and the parties' objectives, as well as the ability to clearly communicate what needs to be done in order to accomplish those objectives. Michela utilizes her extensive experience and knowledge to advise her clients and to get the deal done.

She has been the lead tax attorney responsible for structuring transactions for capital projects in the area of transportation, public power, higher education, hospitals and health care facilities, economic development, airports, docks and wharves, solid waste disposal, charter schools, mixed-use facilities, bond banks, multi-borrower pooled financings, student loans and multipurpose governmental borrowings, as well as working capital borrowings. In addition, she has assisted issuers and conduit borrowers in successfully responding to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits in respect of their tax-exempt bonds, in monitoring their post-issuance compliance with both the arbitrage and use of proceeds requirements of the Code, and in implementing appropriate remedial action measures or applying to the IRS's voluntary closing agreement program.

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