The animal care industry has been a favorite target of private equity for years, due in large part to low risk, good returns and relatively light regulation. But with COVID-19 prompting stay-at-home orders — and perhaps a reevaluation of household priorities — animal care’s position has become even stronger, making it the best in show for some investors.

In early May 2020, Katten sent out a survey to 47 individuals involved in private equity and 53 in the animal care industry about trends occurring in the industry, investment opportunities and other topics. More than two-thirds of private equity respondents said the pandemic positively impacted their outlook when it comes to animal care, while a similar percentage of animal care respondents have become more open to private equity since COVID-19 swept through the United States.

The insights gathered in the following report of our survey examine these central themes:

  • Catalysts for Investment
  • Top Investment Areas
  • What Makes a Good Match?
  • Full Results
  • Demographics and Methodology

View the survey press release.

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