Non-invasive cardiac imaging is rapidly growing in use, and is poised to potentially replace cardiac catheterization as the diagnostic test of choice for many patients with possible coronary artery blockages. As a result, cardiologists are pushing to become qualified to read these studies, which have historically been read almost exclusively by radiologists. In the meantime, radiologists and cardiologists have found ways to share in the responsibility for providing the interpretation. These arrangements prompt questions, in the first instance, about their legality, and then about how to bill and code, the professional liability consequences, and other compliance issues. Partner W. Kenneth Davis Jr. will speak at this e-seminar which will review some of these approaches being used for interpretations and examine the main issues they pose. Although many of the clinical and legal issues do not yet have clear-cut resolutions, the session will suggest some general principles to follow, and will identify future developments that could clarify the issues.

The session will also briefly summarize the recently proposed changes to the reassignment, Stark Law and IDTF rules. It will identify some of the implications for radiology groups and their businesses.