In October, Insurance and Health Care Fraud Litigation partner Ross Silverman spoke at a Global Insurance Fraud Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The summit was attended by representatives from organizations around the world that are involved in efforts to combat organized insurance fraud. The conference was sponsored by BAE Systems, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

At the conference, Ross participated in a podcast captioned "The Bees vs. the Hive," addressing best practices for identifying claims coming from organized fraud schemes; avoiding payment of those claims (i.e., the bees); and the tools available to deter and recover money from the parties who are primarily responsible for the organized schemes (i.e., the hives). Over the past 25 years Ross and his team at Katten have built one of the largest and most successful practices in helping insurers across the United States reduce their exposure to organized fraud schemes.

Listen to "The Bees vs. the Hive" in its entirety.