Saul Rudo, national head of the Tax Planning practice, was quoted in Law360 regarding the IRS rules that are likely to change in light of the GOP's focus on corporate tax reform in the new administration. Saul speculated that a recent IRS rule preventing Americans from transferring business intangibles (e.g., intellectual property) offshore while receiving favorable tax treatment would likely be revoked for being "anti-business." He stated, "There seems to be a sentiment to do away with regulations that are viewed as anti-business or harming the ability of American businesses to prosper. Since these regulations are argued by many American businesses to be a change in the law, it's possible they're viewed as anti-business and repealed or revoked or revised." However, Saul notes, a territorial tax system could result in growth for these types of regulations, as it could allow the IRS to tax these assets before they become untouchable. ("4 Obama Tax Policies at Risk Under the GOP's Tax Plan," January 11, 2017)