Saul Rudo, national head of the Tax Planning practice, was quoted in Law360 regarding potential changes that are likely to be made to the US tax code in light of Donald Trump's impending presidency. The Republicans, who will control the White House and both chambers of Congress in January, have suggested reforming the tax code by undergoing the largest overhaul since 1986. Saul believes this will be a priority for Republicans, stating, "It's going to be one of the first items they'll tackle. I think they'll push very hard for it and do what it takes to get something done." Saul also commented on theories that a simplified tax code will bring foreign earnings back home and mitigate the loss of any tax revenues needed for controlling the federal debt. "The deficit's a lot larger than the money that might be produced by good tax reform," Rudo said. "A big issue potentially is if interest on federal debt goes up, then that widens the deficit a bit." ("US Tax Code Likely To Get First Major Facelift In 30 Years," November 15, 2016)