Real Estate partners Devan Popat and William Dorsey will serve as moderators for panel discussions at The Real Estate & Bank General Counsel Forum on May 7.

Devan will moderate the "Top Five Concerns For Real Estate & Bank General Counsel" panel at 9:00 a.m., discussing:

  • an overview of legal concerns across the sector;
  • what real estate general counsels spend almost of their time on; and
  • what do real estate legal professionals see coming around the corner.

William will moderate the "Borrower Delaying Tactics . . . How to Minimize Them" panel at 10:00 a.m., covering:

  • speeding up litigation;
  • what to do when environmental complexities arise;
  • delays in the sale process;
  • court schedules;
  • whether arbitration a viable option;
  • settlement agreement breaches; and
  • communication breakdowns . . . they aren't always the same.