Dallas partner Cheryl Camin Murray was quoted in an article by The Texas Lawbook about the standing order issued this week by US District Judge Brantley Starr that requires every attorney appearing before him to file a document attesting that no portion of any filing has been generated by artificial intelligence (AI), or that anything drafted by AI has been checked for accuracy "by a human being."

His order follows the recent filing of a ChatGPT-generated briefing in a New York lawsuit that contained fabricated citations and judicial decisions, and has been praised as a "necessary reminder of a lawyer's professional obligations, particularly in the absence of any statewide or nationwide guidance on the use of artificial intelligence by legal professionals," as noted by The Texas Lawbook.

Cheryl, who is president of the Dallas Bar Association, said that AI is an issue that is being watched closely. "We don't have a formal policy on AI or the use of AI, but we're monitoring it and how it may impact our profession and members and are aware of the concerns with how it may have an impact on the professional licensure of attorneys and how they practice," she said.

Cheryl added that she is also monitoring the technology while serving on Katten's AI committee. "Law firms are putting together AI practice groups and committees to help clients in different industry and practice areas stay up to date on forthcoming statutory and regulatory requirements on a state and federal basis," she said. "It's a very hot topic, and I know firms across the board are focused on this and are trying to keep up with this."

"Judge Starr's AI Order Draws Praise" *The Texas Lawbook, June 1, 2023

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