Jill Darrow, head of the New York Tax Planning practice, will participate in the discussion “Transactions Involving Real Estate – Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems” at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, February 6. Panelists will address the following topics:

  • Like-kind exchanges
    • Reverse and related party exchanges, parking transactions, build-to-suit exchanges and tenancy-in-common issues
    • Structuring like-kind exchanges involving partnerships where some partners want cash instead of property
    • Trends in the marketplace
  • Leasing transactions
    • “True leases”
    • Stepped or deferred rent
    • Leasehold improvements, landlord work letters and other inducements
    • Lease terminations
  • Capital gains planning
    • Dealer issues
    • Converting ordinary income into capital gains
    • Deferring gain recognition
    • Small structuring steps that can have a major impact on a client’s transactions

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