Ken Davis, a partner in the Health Care practice, will present “An Agnostic Attorney’s View on Radiology PPMCs” at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16. The session will discuss the second (and perhaps third) generation of investor-owned (often by private equity) physician practice management companies, or PPMCs, that has proliferated and has moved into radiology. It will cover these “next generation” PPMCs’ strategic objectives, and how their tactics (and transactional structures) for achieving these objectives have some components in common with the old way of doing things, but they also have some new twists.

The presentation will be from the perspective of an agnostic—i.e., an attorney who is neither pro nor con PPMC—and will focus on "connecting the dots" and understanding what everything means, what's "market," and what radiologists should be thinking about in these deals.

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The Broadmoor
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