In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • SEC Adopts Rules Requiring Issuers to Provide Financial Information in Interactive Data Format
  • Material Omission of Negative FDA Inspection Report Supports Securities
    Fraud Allegations
  • Court Sustains Attorney-Client Privilege Claims for Internal Emails After In Camera Review
  • FINRA Provides Guidance Regarding Cash Alternatives
  • FINRA Proposes New Best Execution Rule
  • SEC Approves NASD Rule Amendments Updating Standards for
    Options Communications
  • FINRA Issues Guidance on Regulation M Rule Amendments
  • SEC Approves CBOE Rule Change Establishing Voluntary
    Professional Designation
  • Fed, OTS and NCUA Issue New Consumer Protection Credit Card Rules
  • FHFA Streamlined Loan Modification Program Becomes Effective
  • CFTC Permits Clearing of Agricultural Swaps
  • Banking Agencies Modify Definitions in Community Reinvestment Act
  • Banking Agencies Approve Final Rule on Deduction of Goodwill from
    Tier I Capital
  • European Commission Consults on Hedge Fund Regulation