In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • SEC Issues Emergency Order to Temporarily Amend Rule 10b-18
    of the Exchange Act
  • SEC Publishes Final Rules Regarding Foreign Private Issuers and
    Cross-Border Tender Offers
  • NASD’s Rejection of Advice of Counsel Defense Upheld
  • Damages Award Reversed for Failure to Reference Date of Breach
  • SEC Approves FINRA Amended Minimum Price-Improvement Standards
  • Treasury Proposes Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and Congress
    Responds with Alternate Proposals
  • Katten Forms TARP Task Force
  • New York Governor Paterson Announces Plan to Regulate CDS Market
  • CFTC Issues Guidance on nvestments in Reserve Primary Fund
  • CFTC Monitors Crude Oil Trading
  • CFTC Amends Exemption for Foreign Firms Executing U.S. Customer Orders
  • OTS Seizes WAMU and Appoints FDIC as Receiver; Deposits and Loans
    Sold to JPMorgan Chase
  • Federal Reserve Issues Policy Statement on Equity Investments in Banks
    and Bank Holding Companies
  • Court Rules that FSA may Proceed with Insider Trading Cases
  • European Parliament Calls for Regulation of Hedge Funds and Private Equity