Director of Pro Bono Services Jonathan Baum was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald regarding a lawsuit alleging that a white woman committed multiple hate crimes against a neighboring black family in Mount Prospect, Illinois. In partnership with the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Jonathan filed the lawsuit on behalf of Iris Howe and her two children against their neighbor Terry Calliari after more than four years of ongoing harassment. The suit alleged that Calliari repeatedly harassed the Howe family by vandalizing their property, using racial slurs, intimidating the children with her automobile and attempting to instigate physical fights, among other actions. Jonathan said that by filing the suit they hoped to demonstrate that Calliari's racist behavior still exists and that those who engage in it will face penalties. "The (Howe) family is totally traumatized by this whole thing," he said, "But they felt it was very important to do this, not only to remove the ... pressure on themselves, but to send the world a signal that this will not be tolerated." Though the amount of the settlement couldn't be disclosed, Jonathan said, "Ms. Calliari is paying the Howe family a substantial amount of money." As part of the settlement, Calliari also apologized to Howe for her conduct toward the family in front of the judge. ("Black Family That Sued White Neighbor for Harassment Wins Money, Apology," August 4, 2016; "Mount Prospect Woman Settles With Black Family in Hate Crime Suit," August 4, 2016)