Partners Floyd Mandell and Michael Dorfman were quoted in a Chicago Tribune article on the dismissal of a case against Firm client, Zango, which had accused it of being a spyware provider ("Spyware Rulemaking Muddled in a Gray Area," September 11, 2006). In the article, which calls Katten a “pioneer in tech law,”  Floyd Mandell  stated that Zango, “goes to extra measures to get [the] consent” of its users before installing any software on their computers, and that there are many consumers who want the targeted advertising that the company provides. Michael Dorfman added, "Consent is really the issue.  You can get a software application with consent or without consent, but it's the same application. Is that spyware in both cases? If consent is what people focus on, then it cannot be spyware." Partners Kristin Achterhof and Dawn Canty and associate Julie Setren also represented Zango, the successful party.