The Madoff securities case has had a significant impact on a number of our clients and their businesses. We have established a team of experienced lawyers who can assist in the following ways: 

  • Advising funds and private investment vehicles that invested directly with Madoff in connection with a broad range of issues, including the establishment of reserves, NAV calculations, bankruptcy and litigation issues 
  • Defending advisors, managers, fiduciaries and accountants in connection with the defense of possible claims by their own aggrieved investors or clients 
  • Advising direct investors of the risk of a “clawback” based upon fraudulent conveyance claims, Bankruptcy Code preferences or other bases 
  • Providing funds and direct investors with tax advice including strategies to maximize deductions based upon losses from Madoff investments 
  • Counseling clients faced with regulatory investigations and requests for information 
  • Advising clients regarding impact of Madoff investments on their estate planning