Alan Friedman, a partner in the firm's Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice, was quoted in an article in Law360 on a judge's decision to grant summary judgment to Katten clients NBC and Reveille LLC dismissing copyright claims as well as state law claims in Latimore v. NBC Universal Inc. et al. The plaintiff claimed that her copyrighted treatment for a weight loss competition reality television show had been used without permission to create the NBC reality weight loss competition show "The Biggest Loser." The court ruled that the two works did not share substantially similar elements that were "protected" under the Copyright Act and that the creators of "The Biggest Loser" did not have access to the plaintiff's treatment. Mr. Friedman commented that "NBC and Reveille feel completely vindicated in having the copyright infringement claim dismissed on summary judgment." ("Judge Nixes 'Biggest Loser' Suit Against NBC," February 22, 2011)