Michael Callahan, a partner in the firm’s Health Care Practice, was quoted in an article in Credentialing and Peer Review Legal Insider on steps hospitals can take to avoid costly, time-consuming physician hearings. Mr. Callahan says the first step begins with clear communication in medical staff bylaws. “The easiest thing to do is take remedial measures, such as monitoring or proctoring, that do not usually trigger a fair hearing. That means you have to understand what actions do and do not initiate a hearing under your bylaws,” he says. Another measure hospitals can take is to establish a process for progressive discipline for lesser offenses. “The message from the medical staff is, ‘Everyone makes mistakes, and we need to learn from those mistakes. We want to work with you, and you need to work with us,’” Mr. Callahan says. (“Prevent fair hearings in five law-abiding steps,” March 2010)