Michael Callahan, a partner in the firm’s Health Care Practice, was quoted in an article in HealthLeaders Media on the Joint Commission’s standard MS.01.01.01. The latest draft of the standard is intended to provide a solution to years of debate between hospital governing boards, medical staffs and medical executive committees regarding a number of controversial issues including what organizational and governance provisions must appear in the formal bylaws as opposed to more informal rules, regulations and policies. One noteworthy addition is the requirement that the organized medical staff and the medical executive committees (MECs) have a conflict-resolution process when an impasse on any issue occurs. The result of this standard is clearly to shift more authority to the medical staff and away from the MEC. Mr. Callahan says, “Everyone is going to have to change their bylaws to accommodate this change.” Despite this, he expects the draft will pass quickly. “It is not a perfect document, but people are tired of dealing with it over the past four or more years and want to move on,” he says. “If they don't like it, they can vote with their feet and go to a different accrediting body, such as DNV or HFAP, but they need to carefully evaluate those options before they jump.” (“Hospitals Can Weigh in on Revised Joint Commission Standard,” January 4, 2010)