Tasneem Goodman, the firm’s Director of Marketing, was quoted in an article in Chicago Lawyer on the increasing popularity of social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Ms. Goodman says that although many people use LinkedIn for professional networking and Facebook for personal networking, some of those habits are changing. “In some ways you want your clients and prospective clients to be your friends, and you want your friends to be your clients or prospective clients,” she says. “Not having this artificial boundary between professional and personal contacts is helpful. So many of the business relationships we forge have social relationships that complement them or were created by them.” There is still a significant generation gap between those who use online networking tools and those who don’t, Ms. Goodman says. “Within those generations there are different personal takes on how to develop business. People are most successful in developing business when the ways they foster those business relationships are genuine to who they are.” (“Using the Web to Network,” March 2009)