Partner Michael R. Callahan will speak at the live audioconference, “The Challenge of Kadlec: Improving Credentialing Candor While Avoiding Legal Risk” on March 15. At the conference, expert speakers will explain what to do when faced with a lack of sufficient credentialing and privileging data, what information to release, and how to protect the hospital from liability when exchanging physician information.

At the end of this audioconference, participants will be able to:

  • recognize how the Kadlec case has changed the legal landscape for appointment and reappointment practices
  • identify current practices for requesting and disclosing information in the wake of Kadlec
  • anticipate opportunities and risks that Kadlec created for hospitals that want more accurate and complete physician information
  • illustrate the impact Kadlec has had on managing peer review settlement negotiations and data bank reporting obligations
  • manage internal investigations and peer review