In an interview with about how she became a Corporate partner, Alison Yuko Krieser attributed her knowledge of market dynamics combined with her ability to navigate high-value deals and quickly bring complex transactions to a close as deciding factors in her elevation to partner at Katten.

"During negotiations, I'm known to act as a peacemaker, focusing on achieving common goals of all parties and keeping a level head instead of being adversarial," said Alison, who practices out of the Dallas office. "I think it helps to have a can-do attitude and be a team player my clients and colleagues can rely on for help in finding solutions."

Alison discussed overcoming hurdles and explained that her background as a paralegal before graduating law school and her time as an associate prepared her for the performance expectations and role of partner. But she said she's especially proud of the accomplishment because there are so few diverse women in the field. She also credited her neighbor, who mentored her and advised her to find a law firm where she would be given autonomy and would be proud to work.

The most common mistake she sees? Not asking for help. And on the question of advice for her younger self, Alison said, "I would tell my younger self to be more confident. . . . If you're more confident, you gain credibility as a trusted advisor who clients lean on to make recommendations, provide strategic solutions and handle big deals."

"How I Made Partner: 'Have a Can-Do Attitude and Be a Team Player,' Says Alison Yuko Krieser of Katten Muchin Rosenman,", May 9, 2022