The Glass Hammer profiled Allison Yacker, partner and co-chair of both the Investment Management and Funds and the New York Financial Markets and Funds groups, as part of its "Voices of Experience" series. The article features insights from her journey from summer associate to the firm's Board of Directors, and her recognition as a great mother and a go-to legal counsel for some of the largest global financial institutions. Allison credited the relationships she built with other attorneys at Katten, noting their mentorship provided opportunities that helped shaped the direction of her career. "I knew Katten was a great place to work, and by the time I was a third-year associate I had solidified a terrific roster of mentors who happened to be all men. As I thrived in my career, I was determined to make capital partner by the time I was 40 and to serve in a leadership position at the firm because I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible and to help create a similar path for other women in the firm." An essential component of her success stems from her ability to be flexible and make changes to your practice based on where the industry is heading. "You need to be able to work dynamically within your industry to find a practice that makes sense for you — one in which you respect and like the client base, and, most importantly, one that you enjoy. Do not be reactionary when it comes to your career, be proactive, take the reins and make the tough decisions."

The article makes note of Allison's "Working Mother of the Year" recognition by Working Mother magazine in 2018. "Personal and professional — the lines become blurred when you're predominantly working from home in New York City and raising two children who are remote learning. It's definitely a challenge to shift back and forth between the mom hat, the teacher hat, and the lawyer hat. When it comes to my kids, I make every effort to do so with love and respect, and of course a sense of humor, which I know resonates with my children." Allison is active in a number of organizations that range from pro bono services, to mentoring women attorneys, to supporting women in the finance industry and an affinity group for working parents. ("Voice of Experience: Allison Yacker, Partner and Co-Chair, Investment Management and Funds, Katten," November 30, 2020)