In a Q&A with Law360 Pulse, Litigation partner Becky Lindahl, Charlotte, discussed her approach to mentorship, the challenges she's observed and how she measures success as a mentor. The interview came on the heels of an announcement that Becky is the inaugural recipient of the Katten's John P. Sieger Excellence in Mentoring Award.

Becky spoke about the formal mentoring program at Katten, the firm's sponsorship program Kattalyst, and what she learned about mentoring from the late John Sieger, for whom the award is named. Becky also noted what one shouldn't do as a mentor.

Among her cautions: Don't impose your career path on a mentee. "One of the things I spend a lot of time doing is trying to figure out what motivates them and what interests them about their work and help them tap into that," she said. "And that's not always the same as what motivates me or interests me. If I try to force my particular work style or interests onto the associates in my group I think that would probably backfire."

On what's changed with her mentoring approach since the pandemic, Becky said there was a shift in being intentional about scheduling time. It's just as busy. But instead of her office being Grand Central Station with a line out the door, there's a virtual queue.

"Katten Mentorship Pro Talks Strategies, Successes," Law360 Pulse, November 9, 2022*

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