Given today's technologically advanced environment with all the tools available to criminals, bank fraud continues to become easier and remains a rising issue that financial institutions need to confront head on. Fraud has evolved from just forging counterfeit checks and currency, and now includes a different set of fraudulent vehicles, such as debit/credit cards, electronic banking and even identity theft fraud. Partner Michael Rosensaft will join a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners to present this two-hour live webcast addressing some of the most critical issues with respect to bank fraud. Topics include:

  • Utilizing positive pay and other prevention tools
  • Identifying fraudulent transactions and bank fraud schemes
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with your frontline staff
  • Combating bank fraud with help from law enforcement agencies
  • Best practices in preventing bank fraud and application of risk assessment techniques
  • Best practices for running an effective bank fraud department
  • Insights and regulatory updates