In an interview with The American Lawyer, Chief Talent Officer Melanie Priddy discussed the rollout over the summer of KattenFlex, which modernizes the firm’s working expectations for both attorneys and business professionals.

The article focused on fears that business professionals will leave their law firms to go work in other industries. The potential exodus could result in a talent drain in legal. However, firms that prioritize business professionals, giving the same level of autonomy as attorneys, may have an advantage, according the The American Lawyer.

Melanie said, "People have demonstrated they can successfully work remotely." As such, KattenFlex allows for flexible working arrangements — with no minimum days in the office — for both attorneys and business professionals.

"We wanted to make sure all of our policies and benefits apply to both business professionals and attorneys alike," Melanie said. "When they aren’t the same, you get a lot of frustration from business professionals. We want to be clear that they are valued in the same way the attorneys are."

"As Law Firm Business Pros Look to Other Industries, It Could Create a Dearth of Skilled Staff," The American Lawyer, December 2, 2021