Corporate partner Christina Grigorian was recognized in one of the Structured Finance Association's leader spotlights during Women in Securitization (WiS) Week 2023. Christina was one of 10 women featured, as the WiS celebrated "the outstanding contributions [these leaders] have made to the Structured Finance Association, their organizations and the finance industry." The profile includes her thoughts on increasing representation of women in finance, what inspires her to continue to grow in the industry, ways of giving back to the community and women she looks up to as master storytellers.

Regarding advice she would give to other women in securitization, Christina stated, "My biggest advice is that you have to devote time at the start of your day to reading as much industry information as you can. I look at least 14 different industry newsletters in the morning. You are a better practitioner and advisor if you have an understanding of the most pressing issues affecting your clients and the industry within which you work. It is almost like being a reporter — when I find interesting tidbits, I send them out to clients with a note on what they might find relevant. My clients appreciate these updates because: 1) the clients know I am watching out for their interests, even if the actual "deal work" is done; and 2) they understand I have my eye on the full marketplace in which they operate. This process also gives me additional touch points with my clients."

"WiS Week 2023 – Leader Spotlight – Christina Grigorian," Structured Finance Association, March 29, 2023