Employment Law and Litigation partner Christopher Hitchins was profiled in Employment Solicitor Magazine's "Meet the Employment Lawyer" featured section. In addition to describing how he got into employment law, Chris offered that he particularly enjoys mentoring others and helping his colleagues achieve success in their careers. In terms of challenges facing employers in the UK, Chris stated, "Managing spurious Employment Tribunal claims and non-genuine or persistent absence. The HR tools are there but these matters are often infuriatingly time-consuming and expensive and management does not understand why HR cannot make them just 'go away', and as a result they can cause management and HR a lot of stress." He hopes employers continue to explore opportunities to support working parents. He stated, "It would be great to gender neutralise parental responsibility and to have laws which support a couple's desire to make their own career choices. Shared parental leave is a start, but maybe it needs some legislation to encourage employers to effect cultural change." ("Meet the Employment Lawyer: Christopher Hitchins," May 23, 2018)