Three Katten attorneys — Daniel Davis, Gary DeWaal and Lance Zinman — are named to Citywealth's "Top 15 US Legal Crypto Practitioners 2022" list. Selected via independent research conducted by Citywealth, these "best crypto experts in the United States" share insights about themselves and the cryptocurrency market.

The profile on Dan, a Partner in the Washington, DC office, notes his experience serving as General Counsel for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and his work advising on crypto. Regarding where the industry is heading, Dan stated, "The future is always a difficult thing to predict, but crypto technology will continue to grow and the industry and regulators will continue to mature. I think through actions in Congress, the Commissions, and the courts, this industry will stand on firmer and firmer regulatory footing and market forces will help determine which uses of crypto are most beneficial for the United States."

Financial Markets and Regulation Chair Gary DeWaal joined the New York office in 2014 with a strong background in derivatives and he quickly determined to learn more about blockchain technology. He stated, "The Satoshi Nakamoto white paper is only 14 years old; the genesis bitcoin is only 13 years old. Decentralized blockchain technology is only in its early infancy and smart folks will develop more practical use cases for this remarkable technology in the future. And virtual assets are the fuel of this decentralized process — fundamental to the consensus mechanisms that allow the systems to run with no one in charge but everyone in charge. Many more innovations will come! Can’t wait!"

Lance Zinman, Global Chair of the Financial Markets and Funds Department, expressed pride in his team of "highly-skilled attorneys who have been trailblazers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, having handled some of the most complex matters for over a decade." Lance notes he expects Katten to continue to be a major player in the cryptocurrency market. He stated, "With growing interest in adding cryptocurrencies to portfolios of traditional hedge funds, PE/Venture funds and proprietary trading firms, Katten's Financial Markets and Funds practice anticipates that we will continue representing the biggest players investing in and trading cryptocurrencies. We advise our clients on structuring, tax and regulatory considerations that are unique to digital asset markets. In representing proprietary trading firms and asset managers, we’ve provided the most comprehensive counsel to clients regarding the establishment and structure of cryptocurrency trading ventures."

"Top 15 US Legal Crypto Practitioners 2022," Citywealth, June 15, 2022