Claudia Callaway, member of the Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice, and Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity special counsel Christina Grigorian commented on the prevalence of ransomware attacks and data security tips in Law360. Claudia stated, "This is happening more than anybody knows because this is kept quiet in probably the majority of instances." Both agreed that data encryption is the best defense for companies looking to protect their data, with Christina noting that encryption renders the data useless. Claudia added, "Imagine if someone were to get Social Security and credit card number data and publish it on a dark-web site or even just on Reddit for all to see. If that happens, it harms everyone whose data is sent unless appropriate notification is given. This is where it is very important to counsel with your counsel and determine what the law requires that you do at that time." In terms of whether or not to pay ransom demands, Christina stated, "It's interesting to me that there does seem to be an unwritten code of honor among the thieves that they are releasing the data when they're paid. And I think that goes to the fact that if that didn't happen, then no one would pay it." ("What GCs Need To Know About Ransomware Attacks," March 9, 2016)