Claudia Callaway and Financial Services senior counsel Christina Grigorian were quoted in a Law360 article highlighting the six types of litigation a company might face as a result of a cyberattack. Claudia noted that companies need to be aware of policy exclusions in their cybersecurity insurance coverage, stating, "There will certainly be litigation over what cybersecurity insurance really covers." She also indicated that adhering to security protocols on law enforcement reporting can make a difference in the eyes of federal and state authorities, while covering up a data breach can set a "perilous course" and bring negative attention.

Christina examined the increasing complexities in lawsuits stemming from employee data breaches. She said, "[Unjust enrichment claims are] a really novel theory predicated in a company's failure to provide adequate resources to the protection of personal nonpublic information." ("The 6 Lawsuits All GCs Face After A Data Breach," December 9, 2015)