Financial Markets and Funds partner Neil Robson spoke with Compliance Week regarding the upcoming December deadline for the EU to pass harmonious whistleblower protection. Neil warns that "confusion" and widely varying interpretations are "highly likely" given that the EU Whistleblowing Directive will allows for countries to determine their own respective protection levels, if there are punishments for whistleblower disclosure and a narrower scope for whistleblower reports. He stated, "By not being a regulation, the process that whistleblowers will need to follow to gain protection will almost certainly vary from country to country, presenting significant compliance problems for firms and businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions or on a cross-border basis within the EU." He added, "Equally, employees and staff that wish to blow the whistle on improper conduct are likely to find that the lack of certainty means that they can only be protected by doing X in Country A and doing Y in Country B and so on. It's a potential minefield and may lead to possible whistleblowers feeling exposed or at risk." ("EU Whistleblowing Directive a 'potential minefield' for compliance," May 10, 2021)