Connie Fratianni, special counsel in Katten's Commercial Finance practice, was profiled in The Glass Hammer on forging a path to success and helping other women along the way. She stated, "We can't forget where we came from; there are still too many women who are of the view that 'no one helped me so I'm not going to help them,' but that is the wrong attitude for all of us." Connie added that supporting other women attorneys has helped make her career so fulfilling.

Prior to Katten, Connie helped blaze a trail at another firm by becoming one of the first part-time partners. "I learned that it was about managing expectations; you can control the hours to a degree, but the only way you will develop your practice is by being there to serve. In that way, practicing law prepared me for motherhood, and motherhood helped me practice law better. The combination was both professionally and personally fulfilling. One of the things I find most gratifying was a former colleague who came up to me at an event and mentioned what an impact I had on her career many years ago. There's nothing like seeing people I've mentored succeed."

The ability to determine one's own definition of success has a profound effect on achieving that goal. Connie stated, "If you define success as making partner after eight years, well then, by that definition, I am a failure. In part because of my four maternity leaves, it took me longer to make partner but I eventually made it. I have four amazing kids and work I am proud of and have fun doing. To me, that is the definition of success." Her closing piece of advice to women attorneys is "Don't be afraid to ask for help and realize that both personal and professional fulfillment is possible." ("Voice of Experience: Constance A. Fratianni, Katten," September 9, 2019)