In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

- SEC Sets Ambitious Agenda for its December 13 Meeting
- FDIC Solicits Comments on Improvements to Determining
  Insured Deposits at Large Banks
- FDIC Board Proposes Basel 1-A Capital Standard for
  Most Banks; Extends Comment Period on Basel II for
  the Largest Banks   
- SEC Expands Finder Exemption
- NASD Reaffirms Limits on Gifts
- SEC Reschedules Considering Hedge Fund Rules
- NASD Allows On-Demand Webcasts to Satisfy Annual
  Compliance Meeting
- JMLSG Issues Further Guidance on Money Laundering
  Reporting Officers’ Annual Reports
- Companies Act 2006 Finally Published
- Second Circuit Clarifies Heightened Standard Plaintiffs
  Must Meet to Gain Class Certification and Rejects Order
  Certifying Class in Massive IPO Securities Litigation  
- CFTC to Publish New “Commitments of Traders” Report