In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

- NYSE Proposes to Eliminate Broker Discretionary
  Voting for Directors
- Connecticut Opts Out of the Governmental Accounting
  Standards Board’s Rules
- PCAOB Files Proposed Auditing Standard on Internal
  Controls with SEC
- NASD Issues Mark-Up Policy for Debt Securities
- Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Amends
  Advertising Rule
- Amex Proposes Trading Binary Options
- NYSE Will Allow Co-CCO and Co-COO
- AIC Publishes Corporate Governance Guide
- Dismissal of Shareholder Fiduciary Duty Suit Affirmed
- Dismissal of Securities Fraud Claim Reversed
  by Eleventh Circuit
- Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenge to CFTC Sanctions
- CFTC Approves CME Credit Derivative Product
- CFTC Approves OCC Clearing of CBOE Credit Default Products