As part of its 2020 Professional Excellence Awards, the New York Law Journal honored David Crichlow, partner and national Commercial Litigation chair, on its list of Distinguished Leaders. In a virtual ceremony to be held on November 17, the Distinguished Leaders awards honor "extraordinary lawyers [that] had great performances while demonstrating clear leadership skills that resulted in positive outcomes." David noted that he draws inspiration from Thurgood Marshall and Robert Gerrard, the former general counsel of Scripps Network, for their commitment to social justice and equal rights issues, as well as the importance of mentoring African American attorneys. As the legal profession evolves, he noted that attorneys should seek to understand the business-side of the firm as well as the business of their clients. With the changing demands of the job, work-live balance and mindfulness of stress and mental health needs are critical.

To those considering a career in law or looking to grow their career, David stated, "Remember first and foremost that ours is indeed a profession — we have ethical obligations that trump our desire to merely make money for the services we provide. We must always do what is right in advising our clients. Second, ours is a profession of service. If you are looking to make a "greater impact," realize that you have an obligation to serve: in our bar associations, as a leader in community service, and with respect to providing services to those who cannot afford competent counsel. Finally, they call it a practice for a reason. The practice of law is not something that any of us perfect and master. It is something that we continue to practice, striving for the unattainable perfection in our calling." ("Distinguished Leader: David Crichlow," October 23, 2020)