Chicago Private Credit partner Derek Ladgenski spoke to Franchise Times about deal activity in 2021, noting that a greater amount of collaboration between landlords, tenants, and lenders during the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020 will continue in 2021. Optimism towards deal activity, valuations and trends for 2021 is being seen among other industry experts. 

"We've seen a tremendous amount of cooperation among different tranches of the capital sector now for 13 months. We expect that to continue," Derek said, adding that such collaboration will lead to more parties "making more money and getting deals done with that sense of cooperation."

Derek expects deals involving add-on acquisitions and continued workouts to increase, as well as other new deal activity based on early performance of deals in 2021 and potential changes in capital gains tax laws. 

"We're not expecting anything other than a blistering year in deal pace," Derek said.  

'Blistering' Year Ahead for Franchise M&A — Dealmakers Week Kick-Off.