Trusts and Estates special counsel Diane Burks was named one of the 2016 "50 Most Influential Women" by the Mecklenburg Times. Diane was recognized for her more than 500 hours of service helping individuals and organizations for nonprofit groups and apply for tax-exempt status. She stated, "People come to me with great ideas and visions, but need help navigating the legal framework. Their programs provided scholarships to local students, funded medical research and given support to the ill and victims of natural disasters, all tangible, objective proof of how lives have been changed for the better." Diane credits her success to entrepreneurial spirit coupled with her hardwork to build strong relationships with her clients and peers. She added, "It is never lost on me that my clients may be facing the biggest decisions or hardest times of their lives. If I can make a complex situation more understandable or manageable, then I've done my job. ("50 Most Influential Women," May 24, 2016)