In a video interview with the Intertrust Group during the iConnections Global Alternatives Investment Conference, Investment Management and Funds Co-Chair Wendy Cohen shared how her 35-year tenure in the hedge fund space informs the counsel she and the Katten team provide to fund manager clients looking to invest in digital assets. Wendy stated that her long-term experience, coupled with the deep bench of Katten's veteran regulatory partners (who have come from — and continue to have excellent relationships with — securities, futures and other financial regulators) provides the lens through which the Katten team helps managers navigate the ongoing regulatory and operational risks associated with the ever-changing crypto landscape. The ultimate result is informed, practical and commercial guidance for those seeking to participate in this new and complex market without running afoul of the rules.

On Katten's commitment to diversity, Wendy noted that diversity, equality and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but having different perspectives enables the firm to better serve our clients. Mentoring diverse associates is an important part of her career at Katten. "[Diversity] is a part of our DNA and something I'm really proud of."

"Intertrust Group Interview: Wendy Cohen," January 26, 2022