In an article previewing the Tax & Legal Seminar, a premier estate-planning event, Jewish News spoke with Joshua Rubenstein, partner and national chair, Private Wealth Department, about his upcoming speech. He spoke to the publication about striking a balance between providing substantive, technical information on private wealth developments and keeping the audience engaged.

The publication notes that Josh is a popular speaker with a busy travel schedule, attending the program in Arizona after an International Bar Association event in Miami on October 31 and before going to San Francisco for the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel on November 4 and 5.

At the annual Tax & Legal Seminar, which dates back to 1993, Josh will present for four hours in three separate talks all focused on keeping up with change. "We've been dealing with non-stop, protracted and unpredictable change, and even though as Heraclitus said 2,500 years ago, 'the only constant is change,' the rapidity of the change now and its unpredictable nature is different," Josh explained.

"CJP's Tax & Legal Seminar back in person, tackling climate of change," Jewish News, October 14, 2022