Director of Pro Bono Services Jonathan Baum was quoted by Bloomberg BNA's The United States Law Week regarding a recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit that puts a Maryland law banning possession of many semi-automatic rifles and certain large capacity magazines in peril. Jonathan, who submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the Law Center to Prevent Violence and Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence, said the decision was "profoundly wrong" and "won't hold up" on review. He also noted that there are up to seven statewide bans and several county and municipal bans that could be indirectly affected by the ruling in Maryland. Nevertheless, Jonathan believes the case is winnable if it returns to trial and said that if Maryland appeals the decision, the organizations he represents "will be there fighting with them." ("Maryland Gun Control Law in Peril After 4th Cir. Ruling," February 9, 2016)