Partner and Chair of the Private Wealth department Josh Rubenstein was featured in CityWealth for his 15-year partnership with the magazine and discusses what it means to collaborate with CityWealth for such a length of time, as well as provides information about his background and education.

"I have been at the same law firm for 38 years," Josh said. "Clients don't like change, and I guess I don't either! Of course, the trick is changing what needs to be changed in order to stay relevant while maintaining one's core values — always a balancing act."

Josh discussed some of the core values he learned in law school and as a practicing attorney, including the importance of listening and hard work. When asked about how he first discovered CityWealth and what his relationship with the magazine has meant to him, Josh remembers CityWealth's inaugural event at the London Zoo in Regents Park and the growth of the magazine's Magic Circle Awards.

Josh also provided a word of wisdom about the inevitability of change.

"There has always been change. Heraclitus said 'the only constant is change' over 2,500 years ago. But change is more frequent, broad and far-reaching than ever before, and controversy seems to be a new constant as well. Plan for change and plan for controversy, and you will stay ahead of the curve," Josh said. 

Joshua Rubenstein has partnered with Citywealth for 15 years: his story.