Private Wealth practice head Joshua Rubenstein was featured in an article on high-end trust and estate planning by The American Lawyer. Commenting on celebrities, like Prince, who pass away without estate plans in place, Josh stated, "It's actually reasonably common for a singer, or composer, or other creative person to pay no attention to their personal affairs. Their brains work differently. Andy Warhol's estate was a mess, and Bob Marley didn't have a will. His estate was in court for decades." He noted that being a good listener is critical, stating, "Even though you know exactly what [your client] will say, you have to listen to the whole thing so they feel heard. You can't cut them off after five minutes." As a career, Josh stated, "Not only do T&E lawyers tend to love their job, but they tend not to peak early. The practice requires so much knowledge. By the time you are 60, you are finally, finally hitting it." ("The Lawyers Behind the 0.1 Percent," May 23, 2016)