Katten's Joshua Rubenstein, national head of the firm's Private Wealth practice and national chair of its Private Client Services group, was interviewed by Private Client Global Elite, a membership club for the world's top private client and contentious trust attorneys, as a "mover and shaker" in the field of private client services.

Joshua's interview was part of a new initiative by the club called "Global Elite Moments," in which club members are interviewed to offer a glimpse into their backgrounds and provide insights from top attorneys in the private client services field. In the interview, Joshua answered questions about how he came to be a trusts and estates attorney, why he joined Katten, what qualities distinguish him from his peers, what has been his favorite case to be involved in, what has been the biggest challenge he has faced, and what has been the best lesson he has learned throughout his career.

On his most important lesson, Joshua said, "In law school, we are taught to speak, but in the real world, no one takes your advice unless you have listened before you speak. Listening is the best lesson that I have learned."

For the matters that he most enjoys working on, Joshua referred to those that are multidimensional and allow him to use his experience to "pull rabbits out of hats." The greatest challenge he finds in the field of private client services in 2019 is how quickly things have changed. "Things formerly regarded as constants are no longer constant. The new constants are change and controversy. Keeping up with change and controversy is the future," Joshua said.

Of all the cases that he has been involved in, Joshua explained that representing Broadway composer Richard Rodgers and generations of Rodgers' family has been his favorite. "We have done cutting edge planning, sophisticated administration of multi-generational structures and critical dispute resolutions to keep the family and its wealth intact and thriving."

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