Joshua Rubenstein, national head of the firm's Private Wealth practice, commented to Private Wealth on the lack of clarity in estate planning for same-sex couples coming out of the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Josh stated, "The court didn’t say anything about how to interpret these old documents. I’m absolutely positive it will come up in a case where somebody created a trust for a then very young person who was mentioned by name." He also notes the importance of being diligent in estate planning when children are involved, especially if they are born via a sperm donor or surrogate. Josh adds, "If you have any of these issues, it is more important for you than anyone else in the world to do planning, because the default rules don't work for you. The default rules presume a marriage between a man and a woman with three natural children. And they don’t cover any of this stuff. It won't be done for you by default. You have to do it affirmatively." ("Struggle Not Over For Gay Heirs," February 16, 2016)