Katten will present "Latest Transatlantic Developments Webinar: Compliance With and Potential Risks of Climate Disclosures for Private and Public Companies" at 12:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, December 5. Presenters Chris Cole, partner and chair, Advertising, Marketing and Promotions; Neil Robson, Financial Markets and Funds partner; Alexa Rollins, Capital Markets associate; and Brigitte Weaver, Employment Litigation and Counseling senior associate, will discuss the need for private and public companies to start assessing their climate footprints and making public disclosures under new laws and guidance that are going into effect soon. These requirements will expose environmental, social and governance (ESG) backsliders to public scrutiny and litigation and make "greenhushing" difficult. While some companies are going quiet on public pronouncements regarding ESG, they increasingly recognize the need to make progress on ESG metrics.

Staying abreast of the swiftly changing regulatory environment regarding climate disclosure can pose a challenge for businesses. With the emergence of new rules at the state, national and international levels, companies must navigate the complexity of determining their applicability and proactively ensure compliance to mitigate potential litigation risks. The presenters will delve into these challenges and demystify the reporting obligations related to them, specifically:

1. California SB 253, SB 251 & AB 1305

Understand California's latest disclosure rules and their implications for sustainability reporting, as they continue to set the benchmark for climate disclosures in the United States.

2. SEC proposed rule on climate disclosures

Learn about the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) far-reaching proposed climate disclosure rule and how companies can prepare now for future disclosure requirements.

3. IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards

Become familiar with the International Sustainability Standards Board's (ISSB) international framework for disclosing sustainability-related risks.

4. UK climate-related financial disclosures

Learn how the UK will adopt standards modeled on ISSB.

5. EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Understand how the expansive EU requirements affect EU-, US- and other non-EU-based companies, and the complexities of determining whether a company or its subsidiaries are subject to these rules.

6. US litigation risks for worldwide disclosure

Learn how failure to appropriately comply with the above disclosure rules creates litigation risks for both public and private companies doing business in these jurisdictions.

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