In a Law360 Pulse article covering issues at the forefront of law firm leaders' minds, Chairman Roger Furey homed in on wellbeing as a top concern given in part to increased workloads and unprecedented levels of stress.

"I'm a very optimistic person, but I do have worry and concern about what the physical and mental health of our people is going to look like next year," Roger said. "We've just gone through two years where we've had this anxiety hanging over all of us because we're worried about whether our parents or spouses or children are going to get sick from a pandemic. At the same time, we've all been knocked out of familiar routines we had at work and in school, and we faced all the difficult social and political issues from the last couple of years."

Roger added that, "People already are talking about being burned out. On the physical side, some people have either not taken care of themselves in the last couple of years or they delayed going to the doctor or they've taken shortcuts."

Law360 Pulse asked law firm leaders what keeps them up at night. In addition to wellbeing, Roger and others discussed cybersecurity and retaining and attracting top talent. Furey and others said retaining and recruiting talent requires a mix of flexibility and good opportunities.

"You can't attract the right kind of people to come join a firm and you can't keep your good people and make them want to make this their home to build a long-term career unless you do more than just [pay] money," Roger said. "It's got to be a good quality of life."

"What's Keeping Managing Partners Up At Night In 2022," Law360 Pulse, January 3, 2022