Published by Only Strategic on its Financialnewslink and Bankingnewslink sites, the article examines the mergers and acquisitions trends in the FinTech space. Despite the recent market turbulence, the pace of M&A in this space may very well continue its trend of being robust throughout 2022. The uptick in deal flow suggests an opportunity for start-ups to sell products and services into the global financial ecosystem, highlighting the ever-present shift from a traditional adversarial approach to a new cooperative one. The article also explores the UK regulatory climate, how it can affect FinTech innovation and subsequently M&A interests.

"M&A in the FinTech Space," Financialnewslink, Only Strategic, July 12, 2022

"M&A in the FinTech Space," Bankingnewslink, Only Strategic, July 12, 2022