Mark Solomon, managing partner of Katten's Dallas office, was quoted in Law360 regarding the potential impact of the ever-increasing amount of dry powder, or unspent funds earmarked for deals and investments on the private equity industry. The amount of dry powder is more than $1 trillion, according to research firm Preqin, and highlights how difficult it has become for PE players to find affordable deals – and how creative they may need to be in how they deploy capital. On the concern that there may be an expiration date on the fundraising market, Mark stated, "There are certainly a lot of warning signs to indicate that we could be at the high-water mark for fundraising. It definitely does feel like a different world than it was five years ago." However, indications continue to point to a robust fundraising environment for the next year or two. ("Why the PE Industry Might Have A Dry Powder Problem," March 22, 2018)