Financial Services partner Neil Robson spoke with BBC Radio 4's "Today" program, providing an overview of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and what it means for London. Neil noted when compared to the rest of the EU, London was well-positioned for MiFID II's implementation, calling it "best in class." In terms of what to expect after Brexit, he doesn't anticipate many changes to its implementation. Neil stated, "[At] the current time, the message coming out of HM Treasury and the FCA, and the Government more broadly is that we are going to keep MiFID II in place because it is a good regulatory structure. Certainly the UK has always been the first, or indeed one of the first, to implement European legislation, certainly in the financial services sector, because it's robust and it shows that we have strong, stable markets but it also means that there are not excessive amounts of foul play on the markets and that if someone is trading in or through London they are going to be in a good structure." ("Today," December 29, 2017)